Barn Girl Jewelry is a collection created for horse people by horse people. We are, first and foremost, riders and horse owners.

We have ridden as juniors and as adults; we have gotten up long before the sun: to ride before work; to trailer to horse shows; or to ride before the weather got hot. We have slogged through muddy field to follow hounds;  we have spent many happy hours on long trail rides with friends.

We have groomed our own horses; we have groomed for friends; we have groomed to pay the rent and board bills. We have mucked stalls and have cleaned water buckets. We have happily spent a lot of our money on things for our horses: blankets, tack, supplements, boarding, lessons, farriers, and vets.

Through it all, we have loved (and still love) our horses. We treasure the friends we have made in the process. Our horses are part of our lives and who we are. They bring us joy and heartache, provide a safe place to just be who we are and help us aspire to new competitive heights. We could not love without them… or want to.